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Books about Supernatural beings (Vampies,etc.)

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1 Books about Supernatural beings (Vampies,etc.) on Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:51 pm

Ok this is some of my collection, some of are in .lit extension some of em .pdf lemme know if u need anything from the list i will upload it.

Armstrong, Kelly- Women Of Otherworld Series[1-8]
Banks, L.A.- Vampire Huntress(1-6)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer- 12 stories
Charmed- 4 stories
Elrod, P.N.- Vampire Files(1-3), Gentleman Vampire(1-4) & Quincy Morris: Vampire
Hamilton, Laurel- Anita Blake Series(1-14), Meredith Gentry Series(1-4) & Nightseer
Harrison, Kim- The Hollows(1-4)
Hendee, Barb & JC- Noble Dead(1-4)
King, Sherri- Horde Wars(1-3) & Fetish
MacAlister, Katie- Dark Ones (1-4)
Resident Evil(1-6)
Steakley, John- Vampire$
Warrington, Freda- A Taste Of Blood Wine & Dracula The Undead
Wilson, Colin- Lifeforce

Also included is abclit convertor if you want to convert the lit files to another format.

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